Maine Destinations
Maine Destinations
Maine the way should be...
State Parks
State Parks
Awesome Authenticity
Maine Cuisine
Maine Cuisine
Nobody should leave Maine without sampling a Maine lobster!
The Maine Difference
The minute you step foot into Maine you immediately notice there's a drastic difference between Maine and any other state. The difference is the laid-back beauty, rustic charm and the simple elegance, which shines and makes a bright impact any visitor who enters our beautiful state. Maine offers an abundance of natural resources for us to enjoy, from spectacular views of fall to the majestic, white, snow-covered mountains of the Highlands-- Maine is the place to be in any season. Maine receives over 16 million visitors a year, which stands as a testament to its allure. Our state stands for peaceful seclusion and the pure beauty of nature that it encompasses. On Maine's scenic highways you won't find billboards or advertisements on the sides of the road-- you'll simply see the splendid magnificence of Maine.
Maine adventures
Canoeing and Kayaking in Maine
Rockland, Maine
The cool sea wind… the rolling azure waves…
Top 5 Best Maine Beaches
Ah, Maine’s beaches…where do we start? How about a short list of the best Maine beaches? Maine is home to so many awesome beach vacation spots that this is going to be a task in itself just to narrow it down to a top five…
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Top 5 Vacation Spots in Maine
Its a Secret...Somewhere in Maine