Maine Sayings-“Ayuh, That’s a Wicked Good Guide”

Chances are if you have visited any part of Maine, you have heard some sayings that us Maine-ahs say that are really hard to understand. After all, Maine-ah should be its own language! Below you will find explanations for some of the funny/ridiculous things we say.

A hearty affirmative; Yes.

Ankle biteah
A young child:”sounds like the neighbahs have a new ankle biteah!”

Ahm tellin’you
Phrase,pointing out the truth/story: “Ahm tellin’you even the snow men are freazin out theah”

Lookin at Pohtland Aht Museum made me some hungry.

Place, Augusta. It’s just like them othah cities but it’s th’ state capital, and you still can’t get there from he-ah.

Bah Hahba
Place, Bar Harbor. Anothah “city” that ya still can’t get to from he-ah.

Out in the back of the house where the ankle biteahs play.

Place, Bangor. It’s one of them cities way up north.

Place, Baxter State Park. The wicked huge pahk wheyah K’tahdin is.

Bed lunch
Ah-yuh eatin lobstah at midnight.

Not the big mean furry black bear, but the man who wears a Smokey the Bear hat and stops you if you’re speeding cause he got wicked good radah. (aka: a “Statey”)

This one really confuses many Outta Staydahs. You see, those from away, although they never use them themselves, refer to this as a “turn signal” or sometimes a “directional light”. In Maine, it’s called a “Blinkah” (blinker for the illiterate). With the strong influence of the French Canadians in Maine, a blinkah is a difficult concept to understand. Once a man in a IGA parking lot was having some difficulty with his and asked a passer-by if he could tell him if his blinkah was working. In a very thick French accent the man replied, “Ayuh, nope, ayuh, nope, ayuh, nope…”

Those pesky deah that keep eating the vegetables from the gahden.


“Dear”, a term of endearment: “Ain’t you some sweet, deah.” Also can be describing deer: “them four legged crittahs that love eatin’ them apples”.

Awkward, hard to maneuver


Side board*
Counter top


A descriptive word meaning “very”: “It’s wicked hot today;” “That lobstah was wicked good!”


So there you have it, the English-to-Maine-ah Dictionary. If you know of any other sayings that aren’t listed here, feel free to add them in the comments section below!

*Thanks to our friends Amy and Shawn for providing their contributions!


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