A beautiful Maine lake side state park the whole family will love.

Located on the beautiful and majestic Sebec Lake, Peaks-Kenny State Park is one of Maine’s largest natural areas. This 839 acre lakeside park is in the township of Dover-Foxcroft and has a population of only 4,213. The area which encompasses the park has a long and rich history that all started thousands of years ago. The area at that time was first used by the Paleo-Indian people as hunting and fishing grounds. Fast forward to the year 1964, when the land was given to the state by a prominent area lawyer for the use of public recreation. A few years later the land was turned into a park which opened to the general public in 1969. There are lots of family oriented activities that can be enjoyed at the park and it’s a great place to take a traditional Maine family vacation.

If your family likes to hike then you are in luck. The park’s trail network is extensive and covers over 10 miles of clear trails, so your family can get some exercise while on vacation. One of the most popular trails is Brown’s Point Trail, which is the longest at 5.5 miles. This trail will take hikers about 2 hours to complete and will take you through some of the most scenic wooded parts of the park.

Another very fun family activity that can be found at Peaks-Kenny State Park is of course swimming! Visitors can enjoy access to the water with over a mile of shoreline. In the summer season, a lifeguard is on staff and it is suggested that people and especially children to swim in the designated area for safety.
Some of the best Maine camping can be found at this enormous park. 56 campsites are available for visitors to enjoy and are surrounded by a lush forest environment with beautiful views of the lake. Also around the campsites are large glacier rocks that where pushed out of the ground thousands of years ago. This beautiful natural setting will really take your breath away. It is a great place to spend the night. Remember to respect other campers by following the quiet times from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Many families like to enjoy a picnic lunch along the lake side and it’s a great way to recharge after a long day of hiking and swimming in the lake. Don’t forget to clean up after your meal and please help keep the park clean by not placing trash on the ground. Also, please don’t feed any wildlife while inside the park.

Canoeing on the lake is a great way to see more areas other than the park, and is perfect for spending some quality time with the family. Sebec Lake is a peaceful place to spend the day out on the water. It’s a tranquil lake that gives you an easy time getting in and out, but you should always be on the lookout for other boaters in the area as well.

Some of Maine’s best fishing spots can be found on Sebec Lake and each year visitors of the park catch their fair share. Anglers from around the state flock to this lake in hopes to catch the next record salmon. Hunting is another sport that many people come to the area to enjoy. The park offers ample hunting opportunities at certain times of the year and a valid Maine state hunting license is required. For more information on park hunting rules please contact their main office.

Peaks-Kenny State Park is a great place for families to go on a wildlife-watching adventure. The park has many different kinds of wildlife and there will be a lot of chances at catching a glimpse. In fact, the park is often visited by professional photographers who use the area to take some very stunning animal photos. If you are planning on coming to the park, remember to bring your camera and bring lots of batteries.
So now that you know more about this wonderful Maine state park, why not make it your next big family adventure? Your entire family will have the time of their lives and get to witness some of the best wild areas the great state of Maine has to offer.


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